Welcome to Braggi

Braggi is a family business based in Thessaloniki, Greece, which specializes in the design, production and sales of knitwear clothing.

Since 1977, our company focuses mainly on the art of knitted garments, which provides us with a greater specialty as a clothing manufacturer.

During its first years, Braggi began with the wholesale of clothes to numerous stores throughout Greece and Cyprus. For this reason, the company is ranked among the first preferences of customers-consumers. Besides that, the company successfully collaborated with top Greek designers for the launch of menswear collections.

In recent years, the company is mainly active in the exports of garments to more than 6 countries (Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, England, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Malta, etc.)

Our many years of experience, over 45 years, our specialization, our specifications, our consistency and our passion for detail contribute to the production of elegant and quality clothes.


our production


  • Our own designs, suggestions every season
  • Designs and proposals of our clients until their fulfillment


  • The yarns, fabrics and raw materials we use and recommend, are always of top quality and have international certifications.
  • The yarns we choose are adjusted according to the customer’s preferences. We have the opportunity, for example, to work with ecological-organic yarns.
  • We have Stoll flat knitting machines for all types of knitwear with the ability to produce any design and any knitting pattern.
  • The whole production process takes place mainly in our place, to ensure better quality and higher delivery speed.
  • The employees who work in our company are capable people with great experience in the field of clothing production, with love and passion for what they do.
  • The employees in our company are treated with respect under excellent working conditions, where the family atmosphere prevails. Our place also follows the rules of safety and protection of our employees (Ethical Fashion).


  • The production of clothes takes place exclusively in our place, which enables us to provide competitive prices, according to the preferences of the customer.


  • We make continuous checking from the time we receive the yarns until the packing before delivery, in order to ensure the best desired result.


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